Access FAQ

The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) provides a public and permanent archive for array based, sequencing and phenotype data. The EGA facilitates the secure distribution of archived data, which is subject to controlled access requirements as a result of original consent agreements signed by the individuals whom provided the study samples.

A Data Access Committee (DAC) is a body of one or more named individuals who are responsible for data release to external requestors based on consent and/or National Research Ethics terms.

A DAC is typically formed, but not necessarily, from the same organization that collected the samples and generated any associated analyses.

Each applicant is provided with their own exclusive EGA account, together with unique log-in details.

User log-in details are for individual use only and should NEVER be shared, under any circumstances.

EGA services are only provided to EGA account holders

The appropriate Data Access Committee (DAC) should be contacted to update the application. The EGA will open and close accounts based on the information passed to us from the DACs.

You must contact the relevant Data Access Committee (DAC) to update them of any changes. In order to change user details within the EGA system such as affiliation, changes must be confirmed with the relevant DAC to ensure that data access agreements remain valid.

During the period of re-authorisation, users may not be able to access EGA datasets until appropriate approval has been received from the DAC.

The EGA does not grant access to datasets and plays no role in data access decisions

Access is obtained by formal application to the Data Access Committee (DAC) associated with your dataset of interest. Each DAC requires users to sign a Data Access Agreement (DAA), which details the terms and conditions of use for each dataset. The DAA is specific to each DAC and represents an agreement made between applicant and DAC.

Upon approval, an individual account with the EGA is created and log-in details are sent in a separate email. Your EGA account enables users to make download requests for the approved datasets.

Further information on how to obtain an EGA account can be found here.

Once the EGA is informed of approved applications by the DAC, an EGA account with the agreed dataset permissions is created.

Users are then sent an email with their log-in details. Please check your email junk/trash folder in case the email has been re-directed.

Please be advised that the EGA can only create or update accounts upon the direct instruction of the appropriate DAC.

You need to re-apply to the relevant Data Access Committee (DAC). Once an application has been approved, your account wil be updated and an email will be sent to you notifying you of a change made to your account.  The list of DAC's on our system together with contact details can be found here.

The preferred method for data download and decryption. is the EGA Secure Download Client . Please carefully review the provided documentation

On exceptional circumstances the EGA will create you an FTP/Aspera download box. Although you will be able to connect to the box either via plain FTP and Aspera, we strongly recommend you to use the second one, providing you with the relevant scripts to download the data. For that, you only have to access from your favorite web browser. Data present within the download box is encrypted, so , an alternative email address should be provided so that the decryption key can be sent.

Download requests are made through your EGA account. Once a download account is created, data may be downloaded using the EGA Secure Download Client, FTP or Aspera.

Aspera represents the quickest protocol for downloading data using a command line over long distances. Please contact the helpdesk in order to request further information.

Alternatively, encrypted data can be transferred to a user supplied hard drive. For all hard drive request please contact helpdesk and let us know the permitted datasets you would like to have transferred.

Click on Login located on the top right corner of the EGA homepage. Then click 'Forgot your password' and type in your registered 'email address' and instructions for resetting your password will be sent to you. Please keep in mind password reset requires manual validation and can take up to 24 hours.