Data Access

EGA studies consist of one or more datasets. Each dataset is affiliated to a Data Access Committee (DAC), which is the body responsible for all data access decisions.

 Here is a step by step guide for finding your dataset/s of interest, to make your application to the appropriate Data Access Committee (DAC). 


Search for your study of interest



Filter search results


Search results using "carcinoma" as a keyword


Identify the dataset/s you wish to access using the study page


Identify the Data Access Committee (DAC) and make your application using the dataset page


Access approved: Receive your EGA account Log-in details

Once your application is approved, a link for a single sign-on for your EGA account is sent to your registered email address, for you to set your own password.

Once your password has been authorised you will receive an email notification to confirm that your EGA account has been activated and is ready to use.



Once you have logged-in, a list of the datasets you have been granted access to will appear on 'My Datasets' page.


For each dataset, you will be able to identify the samples it contains and also download the metadata associated with the dataset.

The metadata package contains mapping files for samples, experiments and files.  Together with all associated XML's provided as part of the original submission.


Tutorial Video

In the below short video, you can find a animation describing how you can authorize access to your sensitive data with the help of Data Access Committee and Authorization tool.