Policy documentation

The following policy documentation is required to be prepared and submitted to the EGA, together with your data files and associated metadata.

Data Access Agreement (DAA) 


**The EGA Data access agreement and submission statements should be emailed to helpdesk@ega-archive.org**


Data Access Agreement (DAA)

The Data Access Agreement is a contract made between Data User and Data Access Committee.  The agreement should be drafted by the DAC and includes, but is not limited to, details of data use, publication embargoes and storage. Completion of a DAA by the applicant/s should form part of the application process to the DAC.

NOTICE The data access agreement template below is provided for guidance only and should be adapted as you see fit to suit your own purpose. In the interest of promoting data sharing, we suggest that if an agreement cannot be met around clause 19 in this example that both parties should agree to remain silent, and that the clause should be removed from the agreement.


Example DAA template

Alternate (harmonised) DAA template