DAC Admin Tools

The purpose of this page is to provide a brief demonstration of the DAC admin tools for creating, updating and searching user accounts.

All authorised DAC contacts referenced on the Data access policy are provided access to the tools as part of the submission process.

Please contact the EGA Helpdesk if you have any additional queries.

Accessing the EGA Admin Tools

For security reasons information regarding accessing the EGA admin tools is sent separately, in a document called 'Using your SecureID Token.doc', by email to the registered email address provided in the DAC Data access policy.

To access the tools the following is required:

  • A SecureID token (Sent by post)
  • User activation of the SecureID token (Instructions sent to registered address)
  • Vault AND EGA Account log-in details (sent to the registered email address)

During the course of the submission process each authorised DAC contact should receive everything that is required to access the tools before submitted data is released, where possible.

How to create and edit EGA accounts a video demo

Brief video demo (NO SOUND) on how to make create and edit EGA accounts.

Creating EGA accounts

On this example, we will create accounts for 3 individuals. Once logged in, select 'Add EGA users' on the top bar menu.



The next page displays a long list with all the datasets controlled by your Data Access Committee.

Include details of the institute and the individuals you are creating the accounts for.

Review the information before creating the accounts.

What happens now?

All users will automatically be sent an email with their EGA log-in details, together with a link to EGA documentation on how to use their EGA account and contact details for the EGA Helpdesk.

Updating existing user accounts

For this example, we will search for the recently created user account, individual1@institute.ac.uk. After checking current permissions, we will add further access permissions to the account.

Click on 'My users' tab to query the database for all the users you have created.



Users matching your keywords will be displayed

User's page will show current permissions for the user. Permissions can be added or removed by clicking on the checkbox.

The user will automatically be sent an email with notification that their account has been updated.