Welcome to the EGA API Submitter V1 Guide documentation. If you are attempting to undertake a Programmatic submission using REST you might consider exploring the following documentation regarding API usage, metadata retrieval, validation and submission, as well as input formats and further details.

The EGA API enables you to tap into EGA and build your own EGA-powered applications for your necessities.

Every API endpoint is built on the top of our Micro Service Architecture, which powers our web and desktop interfaces. This guarantees the quality of our API. The API provides a simple, predictable, standardized, resource-oriented, RESTful interface with JSON-formatted responses to use EGA features, including creation, editing, deleting and the validation of objects / entire projects. We embrace built-in HTTP features, so our API is easily managed with off-the-shelf HTTP clients. Every request to the EGA API can be easily performed using the curl command line tool.

The reference documentation is divided into four sections: Common Aspects, How to use the API ,Submitting Metadata and Json Messages Format

Common Aspects

On this section you can find more about the commons aspects of the API rest interface

How to use the API

On this section we provide detail how to use this API both for metadata retrieval and submission.

Submitting Metadata

On this section you can find detailed information on how to submit metadata

JSON format

On this section you can find detailed information on how to format your JSON messages