Third-Party Software

There are open source software packages that complement the European Genome Archive services to allow you to further explore, submit and download data. The table below lists third-party software providers and the tools they have developed.

  Tool   Organization   License   Repository   Description
EGASUB ICGC GNUPL3 EGASUB is a command line tool assists ICGC members submitting their NGS sequence data to EGA repository.
EGA XML DOWNLOADER DKFZ MIT This simple scripts lets you batch-download the contents of an ENA/EGA submission box at the EBI. It fetches the XML representation of all objects in the submission box.
EGA CLUSTER CRYPTOR DKFZ MIT This collection of shell scripts implements a part of EGA's EgaCryptor Toolsuite, namely, the encryption and upload part. It does this in the form of (mostly) portable shell scripts that can run in cluster setups, allowing one to parallelize encryption of larger submissions.

Please note that these open-source platforms, scripts or executables listed are not formal product offerings from the European Genome Archive, and as such are not fully supported by our service. Any usage of these items should be kept in mind.